I’m loving my new Maxi Dress from American Eagle ($39.50)! i got it recently with an internet coupon code and I could not get enough of it this weekend. Cute, right? Here I am in it. (Clearly this is me. I mean duh. There’s a roll of toliet paper in the picture and it’s a bad quality photo but you get the gist.)

And then here’s the official model photo off American Eagle’s website:

I had a 25% off coupon so keep an eye out for a good coupon online and if you like maxi dresses check this one out! I got lots of compliments on it!


  1. Wow- yes, do love that dress!! you know you have another dress with horizontal stripes (pinks?) that is lovely and very becoming too. . something about the horizontals . . and, albeit the tp, you look every bit as good as the model with the same dress, if fact better! Perhaps the tp adds to the ambience! :o)

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