Hey guys, less than 24 hours in Mexico and its already been a whirlwind. I wanted to post just a few photos of what we’ve been up to so far.

We’re saying here at the Aventura Cove Resort which is now owned by Hard Rock Hotel and will soon been known as the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. Loving what we’ve seen so far and there’s more to come but here’s a photo gallery of so far:

Cole was excited to snap the first photo in Mexico:


I was amused they had this Margaritaville stand right outside of the airport with a “margarita to go” sign-

The rest that follows is a collage of photos from their Summer Under the Stars event, which featured a red carpet performance from American Idol & X-Factor alums. Not the pict of me with Embry from the Twilight Saga!

More picts to come! 20120622-064100.jpg











  1. Fabulous photos. Looks like a fun time being had by all!

  2. My parents are Palace Resort members so we have stayed at Aventura Spa/Cove twice and just booked a trip to Moon for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to find that Welcome to Cancun sign. I love the Cove (and a little sad it will be HR now) and I know you guys are a going to have an AWESOME vacation.

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