flair_703 Since setting up our Flair High Chair by Boon, Inc., we’re all so much happier at our dinner table. Just this week, baby girl has started joining us and sitting right next to her big brother, taking in all the adventure and truly becoming a part of our family meals. While she’s not, yet, eating, she’s suddenly a part of the action.

Our Flair is pink, of course, and its as bright as you see on your screen. A very modern chair, it raises and lowers with a pneumatic lift, so there are no set heights for the chair. Meaning this seat will be the proper height for nearly any table. It also doesn’t stand on the four legs that most traditional high chairs do, giving us a smaller footprint for the chair. With a single leg, and a heavy, large wheeled pedestal base it can slide under the table and I don’t have to worry as much about the table legs and feet getting in the way. Speaking of sliding, the wheels are so smooth that the big kids enjoy hanging on and skating around the kitchen, perhaps I should remember to use the hands-free braking system.

But back to the Flair. With a 5-point-harness and a restraining post, it is possible for a baby who holds her head up firmly to sit in this chair as early as 10 weeks. (She’s thirteen weeks and doing just fine, though we don’t keep her in it for more than 15 minutes at a time.) The pink seat is seamless and the chemical resistant comfort pad is easily removable–this is one of my favorite features. I used to use toothbrushes, Q-tips and toothpicks to try to clean all of the crevices of highchairs in the past. Now, once she’s eating and, no doubt, making a mess, it’ll be an easy wipe-clean.

I do wish the seat had a recline for when I’m first feeding solids, but I love how upright and part of the group this chair makes her. When it comes to feeding, the seat comes with a small tray that glides can be positioned in at two places–close and closer to baby (and that we’re already using — we put a toddler cup and spoon on the tray — making her even more a part of the meal) with two tray covers that can go right in the dishwasher.

The Boon Flair is a great high chair, so much nicer than the mainstream chairs I had in the past.

Thanks to Boon, Inc., who provided the sample product for review.


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