inca1.jpg Looking for a gift that stands out? Sick of the mass market and want to give a gift that feels a little more personal, hands on and earth friendly to boot?
Inca Kids offers fair trade, hand made and fashionable apparel, accessories, and artisan toys. Their products are made of natural fibers and materials such as the 100% alpaca or ovine wool and 100% cotton that are their trademark in apparel and accessories.
Their line of toys include more than 25 hand knitted finger puppets characters (from a butterfly to a fireman, a llama to a clown fish), traditional musical instruments. Their charming line of “Arpillera” items include a storybook, a mobile, a backpack, a small bag and tapestries.
The “Arpilleras” are exquisitely detailed hand-sewn three dimensional textile pictures that illustrate the stories of the lives of the people in Peru: Stories of planting and harvesting, stories of spinning and weaving wool; stories of country life, of tending llamas, sheep and goats; stories of weddings and fiestas. Their artists painstakingly handstitch every single detail.
All the Inca Kids products are crafted by unprivileged Peruvian artisans in different parts of the country. Many of them work in cooperatives located in the dusty shantytowns of poor and displaced families that ring the capital city of Lima with unemployment near 80% and few sources of income. Their project, provides a fair wage to artisans allowing them to support their families and educate their children, providing a little better living standard.
I was extremely impressed with the gorgeous quality and craftmanship of the items I received from Inca Kids. They are heirloom items and the hand knit items are incredibly soft to the touch. The finger puppets are just adorable!
Mommies with Style Save 10% when you enter the Coupon Code STYLE. Additionally, orders over $100 will receive two free finger puppets!

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