I am a HUGE NFL football fan. Every Sunday my whole family gets in our Eagles gear to show our spirit and get ready for the game. Traditionally, I get to choose from a boring selection of tee-shirts, basic jerseys (yawn!), and a hat (if I’m having a bad hair day). Nothing special… until I discovered the Fabulous Alteration Shop at Bella Artistry.
Girls, please, take my advice and check out this amazing website. Leah Miller, who was a frustrated shopper, mother of two, and NFL quarterback’s wife, came up with the idea when she had a hard time finding cool and hip sports apparel for women and kids. Leah, an amazing artist, blings up your jerseys, shirts, hats, etc and turns them into custom, amazing creations.
Bella Artistry’s tailoring department can add exclusive features like corseting, drawstring waists or rouching, and they can even create a tunic or dress from a men’s size large jersey. Jerseys are also enhanced and embellished with items like lace, trim, cap sleeves, puff sleeves, boat necks, and of course, many, many rhinestones! You can let Leah come up with something fabulous for you, or you can design your own hip and trendy apparel with Leah’s help.
I worked with Leah to transform my plain, green Eagles jersey into an amazing creation. Leah added zipper sides, lace to the neck and sleeves, rhinestone embellishment, and more. She asked my preferences and then ran with it, and came up with a truly special work of art. (Check it out above!)
But Bella Artistry goes beyond jerseys – they can add sparkle to anything. Hats, jeans, shoes, belts, outfits for you or your kids, furniture, pacifiers, and much more. If you want something special for yourself, or your daughter (or even your son!) you must check out this site and chat with Leah. Enjoy a special discount code for Mommies with Style shoppers and save 20% when you use code MWS!

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