Wow – this one’s a bummer as we loved our Bumbo Seat.  But even more interesting, upon a search here on Mommies with Style and Bumbo Seat reviews, I see that Julie posted about a recall back in 2007 of Bumbos for the SAME reason.  Yikes.

The Huffington Post reported today that Bumbo Seat has recalled more than 4 million Bumbo Seats due to falls in infants and skull fractures.  You can see more info here.

And total walk down nostalgia lane, here’s Cole (now age 5) in his Bumbo:


  1. But did you see what the recall was for? It was because people put them up on an elevated surface, and then the kid fell out. It’s too bad people can’t follow the instructions and warnings to begin with.

    • Jenn, I know. Totally agree. I saw a bunch of buzz about this after I posted. It really is a shame – my son loved his Bumbo. With any baby product, you need to use common sense and putting your baby in a Bumbo on an elevated surface (and walking away!!!) is just dumb.

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