By Guest Reviewer Kara


Let me start by saying, the Zippy by Inglesina ($359.99) is like “buttah”. This stroller glides like Scott Hamilton on ice. Not only is the ride incredibly smooth, but it is loaded with features that add convenience and comfort. This stroller has it all.

We live in sunny south Florida, where you live in your car, making excellent sun coverage and a quick, compact fold on the top of the must-have list. Other desirable features include one-handed fold, ample storage and a snack tray. With the Zippy, you get all these features and so much more.

Putting it Together:


The Zippy arrives almost fully assembled. You simply have to attach the canopy, snack tray or belly bar, cup holder and basket. It may sound like a lot, but everything just snaps into place. Included with each piece are step by step illustrated directions. The best part — no tools, screws or small pieces required (gotta love that). It is compatible with most infant car seats and comes with car seat adapter straps.

The Ride:

As mentioned, the Zippy glides — thanks to its excellent suspension, 7” wheels and front swivel wheels (which can lock in place). I thought one-handed steering would be the feature I would have to compromise with the Zippy, but I was wrong. I am pleasantly surprised with the ease of which I can hold my baby and steer this stroller. The handles are ergonomic, but not adjustable.

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The Seat:

Inglesina thought of everything with this five-point harness safe seat. The shoulder straps are covered with removable pads and the crotch strap is also covered with a padded Velcro cover. The shoulder straps attach to the lap straps. My baby likes to lean forward, so I often only use the lap strap. The seat is very roomy, padded nicely and is its cover is removable for cleaning. It has an adjustable foot rest and a 4-position recline, including a full flat recline. Reclining the seat is as simple as lifting a level on the back of the seat. And the belly bar and snack tray are fully removable — I told you they thought of everything.



Img_6367The bottom storage basket is a great size. This is the ideal stroller for a mega shopping spree. Not only does the storage basket give you ample storage room, but you can also hang your diaper bag and/or other bags from the handle bars. And don’t forget the additional storage pocket on the canopy. Another bonus is the adult cup holder, which is included with the stroller purchase. It is a really nice one and held my 20oz bottle.

Sun Exposure:

Img_6356_2The Zippy has the best sun canopy of any full-size stroller that I have ever  seen. It could very well be the best canopy on the market. The front visor flap adds extra shade which is attached to the main canopy that locks open on each side. The extended canopy in the back allows the canopy to extend past the belly bar/ snack tray for total sun protection. The canopy extension can zip off the main canopy or roll up and clip onto the main canopy. The canopy extension is equipped with a large window to view your baby and a good size storage pouch which has a magnetic seal. Can you tell I’m a big fan of this canopy? A rain cover in a pouch is also included with the Zippy. It quickly attaches to the stroller with three hooks.


The Fold:

Img_6389 The Zippy has a true one-hand fold. Simply press down on the red button with your index finger and lift the handle. The stroller folds right into a standing position, and has a handle on the side for easy lifting. To open the stroller, simply lift the lever on the right, pull up on the handles, while pressing down on the back step. The back step also accommodates as standing second child. Practice is not necessary for folding this one – you’ll get it right the first time.



          Compatible with most infant car seats and includes adapter straps

          Light weight aluminum frame

          Swivel front wheels

          7” diameter wheels

          Quick release wheel housing

          Excellent suspension with shock absorbers

          One-handed fold

          Attached carrying handle

          4-position recline, including flat

          Fully removable snack tray and belly bar

          5-point seat harness

          Removable seat cover for cleaning

          Removable padded shoulder straps

          Adjustable seat footrest

          Rear foot step for standing second child

          Large storage basket

          Full coverage canopy

          Canopy window

          Canopy storage pocket

          Zip-off canopy extension

          Closes with hood attached

          Self standing

          Ergonomic handles

          Parent cup holder included

          Rain cover and carrying pouch included

          Seat dimensions are approximately 13 ½ “ W x 19” H

          Zippy 2008 Standard Stroller 20.2 lbs 38.5-41.5" H x 14.5-34" W x 14-21" D (Thank you for these stats)

          Suitable for newborns up to 45lbs.

          Optional accessories include boot, diaper bag, bassinet and carrying bag

Final Thoughts:

This high quality stroller has all the convenient features you could ever need or want in a full-size stroller –no compromises. I will definitely recommend the Zippy.


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