lionheart-bottles Although I’m planning to breastfeed, this being my 3rd child, I’m still very aware that I’ll need a number of baby bottles. And I am ever so impressed with what is now available in this area, compared to 4 years ago.

Check out this new Medical Grade Silicone Bottle by Prince Lionheart. Is it possible to be infatuated with a bottle? Because this one might have won my heart. First, its BPA-free. Second, its silicone. So, when I picked it up, expecting a hard, heavy glass or BPA-free heavy plastic, instead I was surprised by a wiggly, soft bottle.  The idea is that as the baby sucks out the milk the bottle collapses, thus leaving no room for air bubbles (and, hopefully, minimizing gas). LOVE it!

Also from Prince Lionheart, a wipes warmer for cloth wipes. I’m going to give cloth diapering a go, so why not try cloth wipes, right? I hadn’t really thought of the need for a warmer (never used a warmer in the past) but it does seem ideal to have wipes already warmed and moistened, rather than having to run to the bathroom and wait for the water to warm, all the while holding an uncomfortable and likely stinky baby. The Prince Lionheart Warmies Bamboo Cloth Wipes Warmer (which comes with 4 bamboo terry wipes but can be used with any wipable fabric) is plugged in and ready for a first change.

Note: This review was written before I gave birth. Just wanted to update it because I am already using the Warmies Bamboo Cloth Wipes Warmer. But I’m not using it quite as intended. Little A was born with a cold and is quite a spit-up queen. I was constantly rushing off to grab a washcloth and waiting and waiting for it to be warm enough to grace her face. Today, I thought of setting up the wipes warmer. It has “recipes” for natural soaps to coat the wipes. I filled it with washcloths that are all now naturally pre-soaped and warm enough that when A spits up or is sneezy, we have a comfortable clean-up. She’s in heaven. I can also see using this for sponge baths, and will likely try that this week.


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