What happens when a Child Psychiatrist & Developmental Specialist designs products for her own children? Inspiration apparently! Displeased with the way that other play mats on the market failed to support her son during tummy time, Dr. Amy Fairchild set out to design the perfect infant play mat. Her wedge shaped Baby AngelBug Kick and Grow Tummy Zone Developmental Mat is unique, ergonomic and a huge hit with infants. What makes the design special is the way the wedge safely supports baby’s core and prevents back arching, while the bolster at baby’s feet encourages baby’s need to kick and push off. Baby’s emotional needs and curiosity are also addressed. The slight incline gives them a better view of their surroundings without the need to strain and the attached toys that squeak, rattle and crinkle, encourage exploration. The entire toy is extremely well made and sure to provide hours of entertainment for your developing baby. It even adjusts to your baby’s size, so you’ll be able to use this toy for a while.
Dr Fairchild could have rested on her laurels with the playmat, but when her daughter came along, she found herself faced with another parenting dilemma. One we are all probably too familiar with. How do you keep baby’s hands from wandering into a mess while you are changing their diapers? It’s amazing how fast and how frequently those little fingers fly down into the danger zone.
angelbugchange.jpg So Dr. Fairchild came up with the Baby AngelBug Protect and Play Changing Mat. This patent pending mat is really a self contained changing station that has generous pockets which can be packed with up to four diapers, wipes, creams and even a change of clothes. It can be taken on outings in place of tradtional diaper bags and is perfect for use in the car or public restrooms as the generous size covers an entire changing table. But It is really unique from other systems in that it has an attached tray style belt with loops for toys. The belt forms a barrier and distraction that keeps baby entertained and keeps her hands clean! The entire mat is washable but there is an included chic cheeks cloth that helps contain big messes and keeps the main unit from becoming soiled.
I’m so impressed with these thoughtful products. They make a perfect shower gift and will have your friends talking about where you found such clever goods. Purchase the Changing Mat and Tummy Play Zone directly fom Baby AngelBug.
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