There’s really only one thing I don’t like about not “finding out”: You have to settle for a lot of gender neutral stuff if you want to be prepared. And settle I did… for the first 2 kids.
But now that I found Inspired Crib Bedding, I’m finding there’s no longer a need to settle. Inspired Crib Bedding uses original mod fabrics (their own) and coordinates not just entire cribs (sheets, bumpers, quilts) but also wall-art, play pillows, stroller blankets… even Boppy covers and swaddlers and more.
As soon as I saw the swaddlers, in their oh-so-hip fabrics, I knew I wanted one. For the baby, of course. I LOVE that it has a pocket for the baby’s legs and body, keeping it warm and making for a whole lot less of a struggle to get the baby swaddled. The interior is oh-so-soft and warm with ultra-soft minky on the inside. And the two sides, up by the arm areas are velcro, ensuring baby will stay swaddled in there. For not-so-strong swaddlers like me, this swaddler is a necessity.
As with several other items, the stroller blanket has that same ultra-soft minky underside with the fab fabric to coordinate with the rest of the room.
Inspired Crib Bedding has the same styles of fabrics available in all their products, in blue, pink, and gender-neutral green, orange and sage. Warning if you click through… you’re very likely to outfit beyond you’re entire nursery.
Use code MOMMIES for 10% off your purchase.

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