The following review was written by guest writer and MWS member, Cheryl:

This is one of those ideas you can’t believe no one’s thought of before.  Be thankful Zipz finally did.
Zipz are shoes that have covers which completely unzip, so you can interchange covers and soles whenever the mood – or dirt – strikes. Ingenious.

It all started six years ago at a family gathering. The kids kept changing their shoes while playing dress-up, while others got theirs so muddy they had to put on different ones. Jerry Stefani mentioned to some of the other parents watching the fashion show that someone should come up with an interchangeable shoe.

Six years later, after much trial-and-error, Jerry and his brother, John, have created Zipz.

These are really fun shoes. They are similar in style to Vans or Converse. But they have a very comfy memory foam insole, and the canvas covers are thick yet soft.

And, frankly, they’re more fun. You can choose between three “souls”:  black, white, or 50/50. Then you choose your colors. Little kids covers come with Velcro up to size 11.

My six year-old son wears a youth size and got to pick between a high top, low top and zip-on style.

He was very excited to receive a skull-and-crossbones (skullz) patterned cover and another cover with flamez along with a pair of white souls. He can zip them himself and the zippers are durable enough to withstand all the yanking. My four year-old needed help to zip but it’s a fast and easy process for an adult or bigger kid (yes, they do come in adult sizes!).

You can order just a cover and a soul, and purchase different covers later. Or you can order a set, which comes with the cover of your choice and then a licorice black cover – it’s almost like getting two pair of shoes in one.

Zipz are definitely a smart answer for our fickle, fashion-conscious kids. Enter MWS10 at checkout to receive 10 percent off your order.

Zipz provided samples for Mommies With Style.

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