The favors were a huge part of my decor for the MYO Sundae Bridal Shower

In planning my sister’s bridal shower, I wanted to find something cute for a favor. I know that most party favors aren’t saved unless they’re useful and unique, and since I was the one planning the party, of course I wanted to think beyond bubbles and pastel mints.

As I was ordering invitations from Tiny Prints, I was led to their new partner: Beau-coup. Beau-coup offers truly unique favors and gifts. Just like Tiny Prints is known for baby and family invitations, Beau-coup has favors that focus on children themes like baby showers and first birthday gifts as well as favors for adults. What’s more, most of them are available personalized.

Available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, I went for a colorful mix.

But just as I was able to select from the versatile selection for invitations at Tiny Prints, Beau-coup’s selection offered great alternatives for my MYO-Sundae Bridal Shower party. I selected Ice Cream Towel Flavors and they looked SO cute. They came pre-packaged in cellophane. I also ordered label stickers with the bride and groom’s names and stuck them on each ice cream cone.

The selection at Beau-coup is fantastic. In fact, for my sundae party, there were 3 ice cream favors and the choice wasn’t easy. Plus there were choices like Popsicles and cakes if I wanted to stay within the dessert theme but go beyond the ice cream. Beau-coup also offers personalized items like napkins and water bottles.

The labels are a separate purchase, but made the favors personal. I gave the extra labels to the bride and she loved them!

I love how simple it is that I can now order invitations, decoration and party favors all at one spot, and know that they’ll turn out fantastic and be supported by excellent customer service.

Thanks to Beau-coup for providing these party favors and labels as samples for this review.


  1. these are really cute.

  2. Julie…I bet Pam loved/s them. Tooo cute! I can’t wait to finally meet you in less than 2 weeks at the wedding! – Renee S

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