You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve waited somewhat patiently. And, finally, today is the big day. The day Robeez takes 2 big steps and introduces their newest brand: Robeez Tredz.
In case you’re not on the shoe-dar, Robeez, a top producer of soft-soled shoes for babies, announced recently that they were working to create a new brand–outdoor training shoes. Titled Tredz, these shoes have a rubber sole, rather than soft leather. But, no fear, they are nearly as flexible and pliable: you can bend them in half with just 2 fingers.
Sure, there are other companies that make rubber-soled, flexible, toddler shoes. A brief description of the uniquenees of the new Tredz:

  • Cute designs that are a wee more “big kiddish” than the soft-soled (more below)
  • The favored elasticized ankle design grew up from the soft-soled. While it doesn’t wrap all the way around the ankle, the back of the shoe ankle is elastic. And as toddler mama’s will soon learn, as the kids grow from ages 2-4, like the rest of their bodies, ankles may slim. The elastic allows for the shoes to fit this area no matter the ankle width. It also makes for less ridgity along the heel and ankle. (read: a whole lot less chance of a painful blister!)
  • Adjustable fasteners. Our pair are velcro: but note that the velcro on these shoes is THICK and strong. Kids this age LOVE to “adjust” their own Velcro, and a 2 year old has a much harder time “adjusting” the Tredz than some of his other shoes. As an alternative, some of the boys’ shoes have an elastic fastener. Notice that these are attached to the shoe, so there can’t be much unfastening, they’ll stay firmly on his feet.
  • Cushioned insoles. These kids are learning to jump, causing feet and knees to take a lot of strain. The cushions on Tredz offer protection their little siblings didn’t have.
  • BREATHABLE, MOVEABLE, FLEXIBLE. As always, this is the key to a little one’s shoe. Its has to be ultra-flexible. Children’s shoes must move with a growing foot, not sandwich them in. In fact, if a childs’ shoes don’t have flexibility and room for growth, their feet won’t form naturally. Of course the makers of Tredz are very aware of this, they created a shoe for natural growth and safety.

Tredz sizing is a bit different than most shoes because Robeez is allowing for a lot of growth over the year of toddling. Tredz come in three sizes: 12-16 months, 16-20 months and 20-24. That said, please print out their sizing chart before ordering. We found the shoes to be very generously sized. In fact, our 29 month old is wearing the 20-24 month shoes, with room to spare. I imagine they’ll last through the spring, and perhaps through the summer. (For what its worth, he’s a 7.5 shoe size, nearly an 8.)
They’re cute, too! They have all the style of Robeez soft-soles that makes them toe-toys for the kids, while parents adore coordinating outfits around the shoes. Amongst the Tredz variety, you’ll find traditional trainers, Mary Janes and Sandals, as well as motifs of construction trucks, dinosaurs, birdies and flowers, to name just a few. With 16 to choose from, and more due out before summer, you may *sigh* find yourself adding more than one to the cart.
But that’s okay! Because when you spend over $75, you’ll get free shipping. By-the-way, if your Toddler or Preschooler is still, like mine, treading between soft-sole and the new Tredz, make sure you check out the limited edition shoes in the collector’s corner. Because, as you know, when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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