sullyabbie For the past couple of years, a common question on the Mommies with Style boards – and to the blog – have been surrounding gifts for tweens and teens?

And aside from Ciaran, none of us have any tweens for kids yet.

I’ve had my own questions each holiday and birthday season – with two nephews (12 & 14) and a niece (13), I’ve often been stumped as to what to get for a gift.

I’ve gone straight to the source to get myself, and you guys, the answers.  My nephew Sully (14) and niece Abbie (13) will be joining our team of reviewers here on Mommies with Style.  They’ll be doing mostly vlogs on items that are appealing to kids their age.  I hope this helps many of you out there and if you have any feed back or suggestions, leave us a comment!

Here’s a first video from Abbie introducing herself!  Future talk show host right here:


  1. How awesome is this! Love it. Will definitely be checking out some of their reviews.

  2. Oh my gosh!!! She is sooo stinking adorable!

  3. Joey – isn’t she though? She’s headed for stardom. Keep her in mind if you guys ever need any local teens for anything on MomSpace – she’d be great!

  4. OMG. I can NOT believe how big Abbie is!!!!! I remember her when she was like 3 or 4!!

  5. This is great! Looking forward to viewing their vlogs and reviews :)!

  6. adorable. cracking up at the mws name explanations. too cute! congrats to abbie and good luck!

  7. Judy Pomeroy says

    good job, Abbie- so natural and professional!

  8. Good job Abbie and Sully.

  9. This really is just everything that we was searching for.

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