My husband hates that I use our credit cards.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible with budgets and money and he’s constantly on me to watch my spending and to try and use cash.  We can control our budget better when I use cash than using plastic.  But I really hate having too much cash in my wallet as it seems to just fall out as I walk around.

So truly, the idea the American Express prepaid card is just so awesome for me.   It’s a card that serves as both a debit and a credit card.  You load it, you control the amount you spend; you budget.

Here are some additional bonuses to the card:

• No credit check, won’t impact credit history
• No overdraft, activation, monthly
or annual fees
• Funds replaced if lost or stolen

I signed up for my card about a week and a half ago for my trip to San Diego for BlogHer.  I didn’t have to input much other than my birthday, my social and some basic info.  The total time took me less than five minutes.

I will be loading it up later this week and taking it with me to BlogHer and this is the card I will be using for food, clothes and my hotel.  I love that it’s still a credit card but I need to budget with it – I love that there is protection of the card is stolen and I love that my husband’s happy that I won’t be using the family credit card.

More coming soon as I use it as I travel to San Diego and use my American Express PrePaid card all the way there!

Disclaimer:  American Express is one of my sponsors for BlogHer’11.  They are providing me with compensation to use with the American Express Prepaid card.

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