Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.16.01 AM Have you guys heard about Verizon FiOS ® Custom TV? Only available with Verizon FiOS, you can build out a Custom TV package that includes the channel packs that are most relevant to you.

I really like this idea.
We have Verizon FiOS ® and we get a heck of a lot of TV channels and we most certainly don’t watch them all. Like everyone out there, we have specific tv channels we like that are favorites. With Verizon FIOS’ ® new Custom TV packages, you can build out your channel selection based on your own tv preferences.

This program is available for both new & existing customers.


The details:

    • FiOS ® Custom TV is available to both new and existing customers
    • You can select a package comprised of a Base package of 36 pre-selected channels, plus local broadcast channels, and at least two Channel Packs out of a choice of seven
    • If a customer chooses a Base package plus two Channel Packs, the price is $54.99 (standalone).
    • If the customer chooses to add additional channel packs beyond the first 2, they are just $10 each
    • The categories for the Channel Packs can be viewed herebut they include: Kids, Lifestyle, News & Info, Pop Culture, Entertainment, Sports Plus and Sports

What I really like about this new option with Verizon is that you can specifically pick what you are going to watch and won’t be paying for a whole slew of channels you aren’t interested in.

For us, we’re really into a lot of the nature channels (Discovery, Animal Planet, Nat Geo Wild) and then of course the kids channels (Disney XD, Nickelodeon, etc.) but there’s some channels (like the sports ones) that we never watch. Other than watching Eagles football during the football season (which is on regular network TV), we aren’t bit sports event watchers.


Why pay for the channels you are never going to watch? It seems like a no brainer to be able to customize your plan to include or exclude the channels based on your own family’s watching preferences.

Read more about the new Verizon FiOS ® Custom TV.

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