My iPad continues to follow me around the house, 6 weeks in.  Or maybe it’s that I won’t let it leave my hand.  Either way, where Whitney goes, the iPad goes and I continue to just love having it for so much more than just the “toy” I thought it would be.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been featuring different apps I’ve been using for myself and my kids.  You can see the other iPad apps I’ve reviewed here.

This week, Nate and I have been loving Chicktionary.  My brother-in-law’s mother tipped me off to this one.  It’s basically like a word scramble but with more entertaining graphics and a couple additions to the classic game.  You can gain ribbons for finding a certain amount of words in the word scramble and you finish the level by finding every possible word scenario out of the seven letters provided.  It’s not only addicting to me but it’s great as an educational game as Nate has to spell and find different words in the scramble.

It’s free to download on the iPad or iPhone.  You get 24 “scrambles” with it.  It’s about $1.99 per 100 scrambles after that.

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