divado2 Pssst, your big hair may look good now, but we’ve got some bad news. All that teasing and spraying you do to keep it looking good with those “as seen on tv” products, may actually be destroying your tresses. A definite diva don’t!

There is a kinder, gentler way to achieve hair volume! A couple of weeks ago I was sent a DivaDo to test out. I was really excited for both myself and my about to be teenaged daughter. We’d experimented with a product that was widely advertised on TV only to toss it in a drawer in frustration after realizing our hair was being turned into a nasty rats nest.

The Diva Do is different in that it works without spray, without teasing. It is made of soft silicon that is comfortable to wear. It’s super easy to put on and then comb your hair over and clip or style as desired. There are two sizes of DivaDo available, depending on how much hair height you’d like to achieve. We’ve started out with the smaller size. My daughter is actually planning her Bat Mitzvah hairdo around the DivaDo. It’s a perfect accessory for special occasion hair.


If you’ve tried to bump up your do with products that left you tangled and uncomfortable, I really recommend you check out the DivaDo and keep your hair do from being a hair don’t!


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