When I hit the stage in my pregnancy where I just couldn’t make do with regular clothes anymore (which came way too quickly by the way), I bought several items from Isabella Oliver. They are among my favorite maternity clothes. They are the items I turn to when I want to look nice and feel comfortable. They are very flattering and stylish. The clothes are comfortable, easy to care for and are made of a thicker material that drapes beautifully. I can’t say enough about them. I love the ruching that is a signature look of many of Isabella Oliver’s clothes.

I am off to stock up on a few essentials for when the cooler weather hits. They are having a fabulous sale right now that I had to share.  It is their spree sale and everyday the percentage off goes down a little bit. Today is 41% off, tomorrow 38%, Thursday 35% and so on through Sunday. Visit Isabella Oliver online and use code “SPREE” at checkout.

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