When make-up artist extraordinare Debra Rubin-Roberts was home for maternity leave, she quickly realized that not every morning is a make-up morning. In fact, when she sat down to actually put on her make-up, she was shocked… who has the time to apply 13 different products?!
Debra then made it her mission to create a make-up system that helps a mom to become totally made-up, quickly, easily. Even for a non-make-up pro.
Mommy Make-Up was created, obviously, with moms in mind. Available in sets to complement all Mommy’s coloring, each kit comes in handy mesh make-up bags. I met with Debra at a recent trade show and she shared her trials in creating the perfect, mommy-friendly kits. She wanted to make less items to open, less to do. So she combined packaging, and created items that can be used in a vareity of ways. My favorite is Mommy’s Kisses, a lip pencil and gloss, combined in one. I never thought I had time to find and apply both. But Mommy’s Kisses makes it easy. The pencil is hidden in the gloss brush stick. So just whip out the pencil, color, close it and brush on the gloss. Sure, I make it sound easy. In reality, it is.
Included in each kit is Debra’s “Paint by Number” instructions and Face Chart. Just follow the card to learn how to apply–you’ll be amazed at how polished you look. I know I was. Look, I’ll be honest, it took about a week to get used to the kit. To remember what to do with each item (and there are only 5 or 6, depending whether you purchase Pretty-n-Polished or Clean-n-Casual) created a beginner’s challenge. I relied on the “Paint-by-Number” chart the first few times, and it took me about 15 minutes to apply. But after only a week, I got it down to 6 minutes, or less, to apply the entire line. And I no longer need the chart. I’ve also played with the make-up a little bit. Learned how to paint heavier, or more, for a dressy night out, versus lightly applying a minimum for a playdate at the park.
And I’m not kidding when I tell you it takes less than 6 minutes to apply. Keep this in mind as you purchase, the kit is absent of make-up brushes. While I was able to substitute brushes from my make-up bag, I recommend purhcasing Mommy Make-up’s Chic Mom Brush Kit, you’ll be set to start your routine and won’t be scrounging up old brushes.
You can use the code MWS15 and your readers will receive 15% off their purchase.
Note: Originally this review mentioned that the Kabuki Brush was included in the make-up kit. I apologize, it is not. Take advantage of the 15% off discount and get the brushes–if you don’t have them, especially a Kabuki Brush, you’ll really appreciate it!

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