The Easter Bunny brought a set of Kid Knex for my three and a half year old. We had gotten some awhile back that he didn’t really get into, so I wasn’t sure how he’d react to the latest set.
He’s really into it – I think it was an age thing, and now that he’s at an age that he can look at simple directions and follow them, this is just the sort of thing he spends awhile playing with.
Kid KNEX come with colorful pictures of ways you can build with your KNEX pieces. It kind of reminds me of the Tinker Toy sets I had growing up, only it’s more souped up and colorful.
Various pieces all mix together as only a creative kids’ mind can do. There are eye pieces and more, making it fun for them to build little alien-type creatures. A fold-out colorful page of pictures suggests dozens of ways you can put your KNEX together. What’s big in our house is to ask for an adult’s help to make each picture. Although I almost cried the other day when he went “off map” and came over with a “flower for Mommy” that he had created all by himself.
You can find KNEX all over the place, Toys R Us, Amazon and more.

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