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Italy Series: When in ROME

Our first stop on our Italy tour this summer began in Rome! We flew in from Philly and got straight to exploring. Of course, I was exhausted but nothing a few shots of espresso couldn’t fix.

We mainly walked around and toured the streets. Our hotel was very close to the Trevi Fountain which was beautiful! You can’t go to Rome and not make a stop here.

After grabbing some quick lunch we continued on to a tour of the Colosseum.

It was a long day but both sites are a must see. There are lots of group tours you can do t the Colosseum or you can explore on your own.

Unfortunately, we were too tired to make it to the Spanish Steps, but that is another amazing location to check out.

The next day we visited Vatican City! This was truly an amazing experience. Personally, I studied art history in college so I was very excited to see all the famous artwork. I recommend going early in the AM to avoid the crowds. Maybe you’ll get lucky and have a Pope sighting!

I recommend checking out or for a spot to say. There are so many charming and unique hotels and boutiques and they aren’t that unreasonable in price! Plus if you are traveling as a family, you have a better shot at finding a place to stay that has a little more space than a chain hotel like a Marriott or Hilton which typically don’t even cater to families in Europe as the rooms are smaller than they are here in the US.

Our next stop: The Coast


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