Just yesterday, I was at the gym when my not yet potty trained (ugh) 3-year old pooped. I changed him in one of the family locker rooms, and not wanting to leave his stinky diaper in the trash there for the day, I took it with me to the outside trash. I walked by all sorts of svelte, beautiful people and received more than one dirty look at the stink that was me and my boys as we walked by.
A cool product to avoid situations like this comes from Diaper Baggies. Basically, they are upscale ziplock bags with a picture on the outside, and a nice seal to lock in unpleasant odors. They are just big enough to fit even the biggest diaper (I tested with a Huggies size 6). You can fold them up and tuck them away in a random pocket in your diaper bag – ready to pull out for those moments when you have a poopy diaper in a public place. You can pick from the giraffe or flowers design, and apparently more designs are coming soon.
You can order them on the Happi Baby website, where they are offering 99 cent shipping on all orders placed in January. It’s $5.49 for a package of 40 baggies. And if you aren’t sure, visit the Diaper Baggies site and order a free sample – check it out for yourself! (4th bullet down to fill out the free sample form.)

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