A trendy twist on a high-fashion diaper bag, I can’t keep my hands off my new Nest Whipstitch bag. Its made of an incredibly soft leather, which, unfortunately, has me a little nervous to use it. Ahhh… so soft I find myself petting the bag. Not kidding.
But a good bag must be used. And this is a bag worthy of use. The pockets are incredible. I packed it and repacked it, and repacked it again–not because I couldn’t fit everything, but because I couldn’t get over how much space there was, and I became worried that I was forgetting something. Inside the Whipstitch are 2 interior bottle holders and 2 divided pockets, plus a zippered pocket. And on the outside you’ll find another zippered pocket and 2 buckle pockets on the sides (way bigger than my flip phone, perfect for a phone, PDA, etc.) It also includes one of my necessities, a key-holder (thank goodness–because with this many pockets, I’m likely to forget in which my keys were placed!
Along the bottom is a zippered area. It houses a large, coordinating, changing pad. And you can store even more items inside–perfect for dirties, though I typically keep and extra diaper and a small pack of wipes in there. If we need a quick change, everythings in one pocket. Nice. And with DS2 potty-training, I’m keeping the extra undies and shorts in there, rolled up tightly.
The top closes with very strong magnets along the top. I often worry that magnets will pull apart, or not reach to close, but the design of this bag allows for the bag to be stuffed, and usually still close and stay closed.
As with most leather bags, with grommets, the Nest Whipstitch isn’t light-weight. But a bag so beautiful and useful is worth the weight on your shoulder.
Speaking of shoulders, don’t worry about strain. I’m so used to many of my bags’ straps pulling on my shoulder, digging into my shoulders (especially in the summer, when I don’t have a coat to pad the area). But the Whipstitch’s soft leather is sewn in tubes on the straps. And make sure you take note of how those straps are connected. With simple latch hooks–so a very quick adjustment, and this fashionplate of a bag can hang from your stroller.
About a pound, or so (very loose, unscientific estimate), of that weight is variable. Because this bag has a trick. The interior pocket area can be unzipped, and taken out of the bag. Sure you’ll loose the organization, but if you don’t need all the pockets, don’t need the organization because you already carry organizational tools or, you got it, want to use this gorgeous bag post- baby, you can do that! The Whipstitch becomes pocketless in the interior with a quick and simple pull of the zip. This zip-out part is also water-proof and machine-washable. So dump out the crumbs, toss it in the wash, and you have a clean diaper bag again!
The hardware is top-notch. Nest Children didn’t scimp on any detail. Available in a variety of colors, I have the Pool Blue which coordinates so nicely with my summer wardrobe.
Buy it at Tuttibella and recieve a free gift with your order.

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