Seeing as I live for my morning coffee, it seemed only fitting I post about today being National Coffee Day.  (There’s a day for everything, right?)  I read on one of these websites that there’s 111 million daily coffee drinkers worldwide.  That’s a heck of a lot of  ‘joe!

And Reuters put out some fun info out recently including the fact that the average American drinks 13 cups of coffee a week.  Seems like a lot but I think I do about two cups a day so I guess it’s not so far-fetched!

In celebration, two big national chains are offering free coffee today:

7-Eleven – Free medium coffee from 7 to 11 am  at participating stores on Sep 29. Good in both the U.S. and Canada except Quebec.

Krispy Kreme – Free 12 oz cup of their new House Blend coffee. Valid in the US and Canada.

Nothing from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts (boohoo) but I’ll be brewing up an extra cup of my new favorite Keurig flavor, Coffee People, Donut Shop.

Do you drink coffee?  What will you be having today to celebrate National Coffee Day?


  1. Do love my coffee. However, I am sure I am the only person inthe world who prefers instant to brewed. And, I really really do NOT like Starbucks-way too strong, thank you very much.
    Good old Maxwell House instant with HOT boiling water-that’s the best.

  2. I love coffee, though it seems like my body doesn’t love it. I actually love the smell of aroma coffee has. But when I have a cup, especially a strong coffee, after a while my heart runs 120/mph. Lol! So I drink coffee so moderately. Thank you.

  3. Having tried zillions of coffees over the years, even grinding my own beans, I always go back to good old Maxwell House Coffee Original Blend!!!! It can’t be beat!!!!

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