Last weekend, our family went out to our local orchard (Highland Orchards in Chester County, PA) for a little family outing.  We’ve been going to this local orchard for years every fall to go apple and pumpkin picking because that’s just what you do in the fall around these ‘parts. Plus, they have the most amazing apple cider donuts for sale in their bakery.  But I gotta say, I never love the fall trip to the Orchard.  There’s tons of bees and half of our family of four doesn’t even eat apples so there’s that.

So on a whim Saturday morning, we checked the “Pick Your Own” calendar  at the orchard website and saw they had nectarine and peaches ripe for picking! Score!  All of us love peaches and we’ve never been peach picking.

I can’t tell you guys how fun it was!  No bees, a beautiful day and we came home with more perfect looking peaches than I’ve ever seen at the grocery store.

Except for this one, which the boys called “the wedgie peach.”

Just such a nice summer day with the fam.  I totally need more days like this in my life.


  1. We all could use more ‘peachy’ days like that in our lives-that’s a given! To peruse ,pluck and pick the perfect plump peach is indeed a primo pleasant plan :o)

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