I’m loving this product – the My Tot Clock. It’s a clock for kids ages 2+. It’s an alarm clock, timer and nightlight all in one.
But here’s my favorite feature – it glows different colors based on the time you set. In other words, set it for “blue” at night, “yellow” for daytime. And then tell your 3 year old that they can’t come out of bed until it turns yellow. (In theory. But it’s worth a shot, right?)
For years I’ve wanted something for my older son that would let him know it’s okay to wake up – which is why I’m so excited to find this product.
It also plays soothing music, white noise and fun wake-up music. This product is also guaranteed or your money back.
The My Tot Clock sells for $50 – Mommies with Style readers will receive an extra faceplate ($9.95 value) with purchase. To receive your free faceplate, email sales@whitedoveinnovations.com within 4 hours of placing your order and specify which faceplate you would like. (And mention Mommies with Style, of course.)

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