Every once in a while I stumble on a delectable accessory that makes my heart race a little faster. I feel the thing-lust start to flow through my veins. Tasty tasty morsel, you deserve to be displayed in a bakery case because you are that yummy!
The Hayden Harnett Pilot clutch in violent patent is that kind of treat. So much prettier in person than any photo could capture, this patent is a rich sheer smear of perfect purple. It’s almost translucent, like a slash of pricey lipgloss.
I am a mom. I carry big old bags loaded down with all sorts of items created to deal with human hygiene and de-stickifying toddlers. I’ve got no free time and not so many places to go that require much more than a quick hairbrushing and lipstick swipe. Maybe less, when it comes to Costco.
But every time I reach into my Mommy Bag and whip out my beautiful clutch I know that if an opportunity should arise, to go anywhere, to do just about anything fabulous… I’m prepared. Sized just right for my iPhone, my credit cards, some cash and a tube of Chanel lipstick – the Pilot Clutch is pure possibility. Like carrying a passport in your Agent Provocateur bra, carrying this clutch in my bag makes me feel more beautiful, more exciting, more dangerous and definitely more sexy.
Who knows where I’ll carry this clutch to next? Hayden Harnett is having a wallet sale at the moment – 20% off plus free shipping 10/9-10/16.

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