20120127-092056.jpg After posting a little over a week ago about how my stupid 30-something body does not want to let me lose weight easily, I’ve been slowly losing my exercise mojo. Another week gone by of working hard and I stayed the same in my weight.

So this week, I’ve totally lost it. I know how this story goes because it’s happened before – I bust myself for a few weeks, don’t like the results and then I fall off the bandwagon.

Today’s Friday and here I am dressed for the gym and I’m on my couch. They’ve kicked me off the wagon and I’m sitting in the dust, people!

Yup, I haven’t worked out since Tuesday. Granted, I’ve been fighting a bug all week so that’s also been a demotivator. But today hubby did the preschool drop off, it’s rainy and I’m discouraged. So here I am.  I’m even dressed for the gym (see?!) but it’s just not happening.  (Like the cat in the background?  He’s my little buddy.)

I’m telling myself OKAY to have a bad week.  I’m still on the healthy food plan, and to take a few days off isn’t going to make or break me.

Still, someone’s going to need to poke me in the butt with a little get-your-ass-back-to-the-gym stick this weekend to help me along I think.  A little sunny weather wouldn’t hurt either.


  1. Ugh – hate that demotivated feeling!!

    You should watch that new show “Fat Chef” – it could be a little motivating because you don’t want to get that big!

    You can do it!!!

    • Thanks Ronnie! Oh I totally know tv motivation… I’ll put on the Biggest Loser every now and then and I’m always super motivated after watching it. I’ll have to check out Fat Chef!

  2. Get your a$$ back to the gym.

    Just kidding.

    I’ve been wanting to work out since Christmas, but I”ve been sick. And telling myself I need to get better first. Getting past the hump is so hard. Keep pushing! It takes like 3 weeks to form a new habit right? So you’re almost there!!

  3. how’s this for a pep talk: DON”T go to the gym!!! Take a break. that’s a good thing.
    Start watching Downton Abbey-netflix streaming or PBS.com for last years episodes(7, i think)-you have to start there. Then you can start on this year’s-so far 3 episodes this year . . . sooooo addicting. You will love it. . . . guaranteed. . .
    while watching , if you are of the mind, you can do some sitting exercises, stretch neck exercise, hand , shoulder, etc. . . hey-those areas need stretching too, donch ya know.

  4. Does the gym have a walking track?? That’s how I lost all the weight, walking 3 miles a day (5 days a week). First you see a difference in your shape and clothes, then the pounds start dropping. Also dinner was chicken and salad, chicken and salad, fish and salad and on and on. Lemon spagetti on weekends. It works. The other machines are fine but all i use them for is toning. Don’t need the bumps!!!

  5. Stefanie Steinberger says

    Get your butt out there and BRING IT sister!!! Come with me to a few new classes next week. They say that if you keep your workout routine the same a) it gets boring and b) it gets less effective. I will bring you back your Just Dance Abba if that will motivate you. “There was something in the air that night….”

    • Haha Stef. I’ll be back, I know I will. I was just off this week. And you know I always change up my routine, that’s what I don’t get! Different classes, running, etc. I can’t add more variety unless I go to one of your stupid bodypump classes (:P) which I refuse to do b/c of the calorie thing! But ssly, ugh!
      Do have to say that my clothes are fitting tons better so I know that’s something too…

  6. Elizabeth Thompson says

    Ugh – same here! I’ve had a scratchy, sore throat since Tuesday so I’ve been putting off my zumba workouts til I’m better. Plus, with two kiddos it’s not always easy to fit it in to my day. My husband has helped watch the kids when he gets home the last few weeks, but some days my workout gets put on the back burner. Guess I’ll be getting more of a workout once my youngest starts crawling anyway! Hope you get well soon and find your motivation again! =]

  7. I’m telling you – it’s all about the run. Let’s go next weekend together to VF park! xo

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! don’t exercise. don’t run, stay home, sit on the couch, watch soaps, eat bonbons (especially reeses shaped hearts)all day!!

  9. Wonder what your kitty is thinking here. “Get off that chair and get going!!! Even if it’s to play with me!!!

  10. So are you back yet? Come run with me…..or better yet push me in the pool….I need to change up my workout too.

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