Sick of annoying kid music? Then you need The Jimmies.

I’m not going to make myself popular by saying this but….

If I have to listen to/watch one more kid’s musical video dvds featuring eco friendly, ethnically diverse, endangered animal, music/art/languange enhancing, obesity preventing content, I may hurl. When did it become against the law to just HAVE FUN?

Our kids are bombarded with edutainment from every angle. I think they get it. It’s up to them to save the world. We’ve screwed everything up and now they are our only hope. We need them to lose all the weight we’ve gained and prevent diabetes. They’ll have to clean up the oceans and save all the polar bears. Plus they have to get along while doing this, so they’d better learn a lot of languages and info about every culture under the sun. Got that kid? Let’s get started! Time’s a wasting here! Let’s sing a song. Whee! Not.

This crazy nonsense is precisely why I am in love with The Jimmies. Even if my kids are not as in love with the Jimmies as I am, I don’t care*. Because The Jimmies sing about actual crazy nonsense and that’s cool. The Jimmies are singing about bedhead. Bedhead is something we can all relate to, right? Their videos are genuinely hip. Kinda like old school MTV for those who remember it back in the day. It’s indie for the kindie.

Oh sure, they may have slipped in a little espanol or a social message or two with “Cool to be Uncool”, but I barely noticed. I was too busy burning all the other dvds with monkeys that make me bananas.

Do yourself a favor. Get yourself your kids a Jimmies DVD.

*Note: My kids are crazy in love with the Jimmies. As a testament to how cool they are, my 13 year old daughter pried her eyeballs off the back of her skull (where they seemed permanently embedded due to eye rolling) and pronounced the group cool. She asked to watch the video again. That’s … unprecedented. I also think I caught her humming “Bedhead”.

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