jazzy I’m just loving the variety of adorable baby socks made by Jazzy Toes. An sensational baby gift, each box set features 6 socks (sold in color variety as well as a mix of styles) and is packaged in a truly unique way… the underside of the box is printed like a post card, so its all ready to be addressed and sent (postage, however, will be more than a postcard stamp.)

The socks have firmly elasticized tops at the ankle, so its harder for baby to “kick” off or pull off. Jazzy Toes are made for newborn through 12 monthsand have have a non-slip grip on the bottom, perfect for beginning to toddle and pull-up.

I can’t wait to dress baby in Jazzy Toes socks. He or she will truly be adorable, head to toe.  All orders over $50 receive free shipping and through December 31, 2009, receive a 10% discount when you use code mommieswithstyle.

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