There are some iconic gifts that kids of all ages love to find under the tree – train sets, red wagon, life-like dolls and of course, bikes. There’s something special when a kid gets their first “big kid” bike. No more tricycle or scooters, when a kid is ready for their first two-wheeler (or four with training wheels), there’s a look of pride on the faces of kids and parents alike.

Trek offers a great first bike for any toddler with the Jet 12. Geared for kids ages 3-4, the 12″ tires on the Jet 12 are the perfect size for little legs ready to move on from a tricycle. The Jet 12 looks like a mini-BMX bike and comes complete with a chainguard, pads on the handlebars and seat, fenders and a number plate. It also has removable training wheels when your little rider graduates to two wheels.

The steel frame is sturdy, durable and and weighty which makes it difficult to knock over – a bonus for new riders. The red and black color scheme is a bit more boyish (though check out the Mystic 12 for a good option for girls).

The Jet 12 was a perfect fit for my three-year-old who got the hang of pedaling, balancing and the coaster break (that’s where you push backwards on the pedal to stop) after a few rides up and down the sidewalk. He loves that he has a bike that looks just like his older brother’s, and definitely feels like a “big boy” now that he’s moved on from the tricycle.

If you’re still looking for a special gift to stick under the tree, click here to find a local Trek retailer. (Keep in mind that some assembly is required.)



Note: Trek sent a sample of the Jet 12 for this review.

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