wipes_bags.jpgWhen my kids have nightmares, I am always ready with an “Anti Monster” spritz bottle filled with water, glitter and a few drops of lavender oil. It seems to do the trick to banish their oogie-boogies.
Lucky kids, their oogie-boogies are mostly imaginary. My own require something a little stronger. For example, there is the “uh-oh baby don’t lick that shopping cart handle!” oogie. And that pms induced migraine-coming-on boogie. I tried the anti monster spritz on myself but I just ended up slightly damp and sparkly. And still feeling crummy.
And then I discovered Josha wipes. Which I now keep tucked into every purse, diaper bag, gym tote, glove compartment and junk drawer in my life. These little mint and lavender infused wipies have the power to refresh and renew not just surfaces and skin, but my state of mind. Originally created for wiping off yoga mats, they are good for so much more. They ward off bad feelings like nausea and they kill germs.
It may seems small, but sometimes its the little things that make a big difference. For me, thats my Josha wipes!

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