dwink_blue.jpgI think that every mom out there is familiar with PTJBD – Post-Traumatic Juice-Box Disorder. You know what I mean. Before we’ve even jammed that pointy straw into the pinhole target, it is what makes us hunch over and say in a singsong voice “ooh ooh, careful honey, wait wait, take a little sip, wait…”
And then we all do it – that classic mom maneuver. Before handing off the juice to their flailing grabby chubby hands, we take a great big hearty “preventative” swig of whatever healthy beverage we have offered our tot. Who are we kidding? In three seconds flat that kid is going to be grinning cheekily as they squeeze with perfect aim, firing off a geyser of wet and sticky. Usually it lands in an eye or on whatever nearest garment or upholstery is least easy to launder. Toddlers have amazing aim.
I am convinced, that juice boxes were not invented by a mom. Dwink boxes on the other hand, are sheer mom brilliance. And a neccessity in any home where juice boxes and juice pouches are served. They are the long awaited solution to PTJBSD.
Dwink boxes are one size fits all – designed to securely hold multiple sizes of juice boxes and pouches. They have handy handles and are in available in bright appealing colors. No need to take that preventative sip anymore. Unless of course, you are thirsty!
Purchase MyDwinkBox online for only $4.99 plus shipping. Think of all the laundry you won’t be doing!

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