peanut-shell Hard to believe one week ago I already had my precious little one in my arms. Of course, it wasn’t hard to fall in love instantly. And once we arrived home, we really fell in love with some great baby products… old and new.

Not for the baby, but I recently shared that I’d be using my Lori Greiner Weekender bag for my hospital bag. Would you believe that I didn’t just fit my going home clothes, her going home clothes, 2 hospital gowns, make up, face wash, undies and a few nursing tanks? I also fit a blanket from Inspired Crib Bedding (which I shared with baby while freezing in my hospital room) and a big bathrobe? All in this little bag.

Baby Bonkie: I came home and it was FREEZING in my house. (Okay, it was 70^… hormones.) So I instantly wanted to warm her up. Without hesitation I reached for a pink Baby Bonkie. She cuddled inside and rested peacefully… and warmly. The huz agreed that it has to be one of the most comfortable looking “blanket things” he’s ever seen.   Read my review here.

It was a hand-me-down from her big brother, but this one is loving the Fisher Price Baby Papasan Bouncer just as much as he did… if not more. It stays in my bathroom so that I’m guaranteed a good shower each day. And she’s SO comfortable that I”m sure she’d love it if I moved the bouncer from room to room.

I really didn’t know if I would use the Warmies Wipes Warmer from Prince Lionheart, but I’m so glad I set it up. Its simple to create a Handmade Wipes Solution (I use 2 cups water, 1-2 tablespoons natural baby shampoo/soap, and 1-2 tablespoon olive oil.) The warmer keeps washcloths (now being used as wipes) at the ready and she almost enjoys diaper changes, at least so much more than when I use the cold, disposable baby wipes. Takes me all of 5 minutes a night to set up for the next day and its definitely worth the time.

Diaper Bags. So, I know you all really want to know which bags I’m using… the important things, right? So far I’ve used the Skip Hop Studio and the Fleurville Rerun Messenger. Both are organized with beloved pockets to get me out and about. They’re lightweight which is ideal since I still can’t lift. And a shout out to the Fleurville Rerun changing pad, which is completely water resistant. She’s peed and spit up on it and the liquid just sits there, doesn’t go into the fabric at all. Nice!

Once she got the cal l that baby was a girl, my sister raced to the laundry room to wash the bedding and set it up. We’re using Skip Hop’s Floral Vine. Its a mod way to add pink to a bedroom. And I just adore seeing the pink! The blanket, though… I don’t think that will be in her bedroom long. My husband has taken to it and likes to nap with it. The minkee fur on the underside lulls him into sleepy time.

While in the hospital, I was so glad to get out of the hospital’s gowns, and into my own. The Peanut Shell gown (yes, that’s me wearing one!) was fantastic for breastfeeding and lounging. It was so similar to a hospital gown the nurses did double takes. Except that it was a bit more fitted and had a lot more style. And the star factor in this gown? It snaps all the way down the back–so no embarrassing butt shots when you didn’t know the door was open. I also brought along a gown from DIgNI-tee, which is made of 100% cotton and feels softer than a t-shirt. It snaps up and down the sides and along the shoulders give easy access for all of the check-ups and needles the nurses need to do (DIgNI-tee has no opening in the back).   Both hospital gowns are fantastic for breastfeeding, in and out of the hospital, and I’ll be using mine as a night-gown well into the future. (What a great idea! They’re also ideal for doc appointments in the future. No more hiding under the white paper cover while you wait… and wait… for your turn with your doc.)

We’re barely getting around, but when we do, we’re using a Chaperone infant carrier from Britax. I’ll be reviewing this carseat in detail very soon, but I will tell you that its got to be a luxury for my baby to sit in her seat. And a very safe luxury at that!

On the breastfeeding front, once my milk finally came in, I was very happy to have Medela’s Bamboo Nursing Camisole. Available at GAP and other shops, it features an extra layer between the shelf bra and outer fabric which offers me extra support. Its breathable, yet the elastic in the tank is tight, providing support even in my hopefully shrinking belly. The snap to allow access to the breast is truly one handed. I don’t have to struggle! Plus, it looks good.  I have a lot of tank choices, but this one is being washed nearly every night so that I can wear it again!

I’m so thankful to Kristie, author of Mommy’s High Heel Shoes, who reminded me to bring along toys for the boys to play with at the hospital. Seriously don’t know what I would have done without them. Beyond the baby, they were obsessed with Wedgits, which were reviewed in May. This toy may say ages 2 and up, but my almost 6 year old would be shocked to hear it. They will be played with for years to come. Since returning home, we’ve been enjoying a few quiet card games while breastfeeding. Feeling some love for Uno (with the almost 6-year old) and Catch the Match, which the nearly 4-year-old has proven quite a talent for focus.

Will be back next week with a lot more to report, I’m sure!


  1. nice ideas thanks. also looking for a portable diaper pad(hold diapers and wipes) for short runs. any recos? seen lots of patemm pads, which i liked because they were round and think that skiphop and jelly make them.


  2. awesome post on all your fabulous baby product. love the hospital gown and my kids (and Mom!) loved the Baby Papasan too. I couldn’t live without it in those early months.

  3. I am so happy for you Julie! I just had to say that 🙂 You look gorgeous and I hope you are feeling well too.

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