casey-bella My 5-year-old grabbed Jane Lovascio’s Casey and Bella Go to Hollywood the minute I opened the package. He’s all about new reads… it didn’t even phase him that this read was pink. He was engrossed in the story immediately, and after reading, shared the story of these cute little dog friends who travel to Hollywood and “go all around the town.” I even learned about the friends (and faux foes, hey, its Hollywood) they meet along the way. Of course, the highlight of their limelight visit is the friendship between the two–who truly are dogs’ best friends.

I’m a Garth fan. Really, really big. He probably has his own list in my list of favorite music. So Hushabye Baby’s newest installment, Lullaby Renditions of Garth Brooks (releasing today) keeps finding its way from the 3-year-old’s CD player to my own. I can sing along to the lullaby (there are no words on the CD, its just the music made into lullabies) and feel all Garth-happy and sleepy. The 3-year-old calls it his “boing boing” music because the first few notes sound like toys going “boing.”

I don’t know if it was their recent Idol appearance, but I’m suddenly reliving Queen moments. Like singing “We Will Rock You” during basketball games in high school. Of course, previewing Rockabye Baby’s Lullaby Renditions of Queen may have something to do with the nostalgic moments. Especially as I drift off into relaxation mode (can anything be more relaxing than the tune of We Are the Champions as a lullaby?) (released May 19 and available at Amazon on MP-3).

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