A few highlights for the season and beyond:
Professor Pocket: Like Signing Time did with ASL, Professor Pocket is introducing my children to the Spanish language. Geared for kids age 2 and up, their CD collection playfully teaches children Spanish through song and conversation. Led by adults, children join in singing songs in Spanish. There’s a bilingual mix of Spanish and English that helps with meanings. And the toe-tapping catchy songs are soon sung out loud by listeners–in carseats and in passenger seats. Pick up Our Silly Farm Adventures which includes songs like “La La La La Leche” (Milk) and “I Am Hungry! I Am Thirsty! Tengo Hambre! Tengo Sed! or the newly released 2nd CD, Our Hawaiian Hula Adventure.” Use code MWS2008 for free shipping.
Lights: Celebrate Hanukkah Live in Concert: I’m listening to this one right now. Its a great collaboration of Hanukkah stories and songs. Some rock, some jazz, some traditional. Love Mare Winninghams’s Convert Song and Holy Ground by Craig Taubman and BodyTraffic. But the whole CD is wonderful, and its so nice to have a beautiful CD with Hanukkah music to mix in with the Chrismas music that floods the airwaves. Found it on sale at Barnes and Noble.
Liberty Kids: The Complete Series. I’ve always been fascinated by the stories of the Independence of our nation. And now I can share them with my children in this kid-friendly series of 40 episodes featuring the revolution through the eyes of kids working in Benjamin Franklin’s workshop. In addition to the stories of the amazing time for our country, its so fun to listen to the voices that comprise the cast. Just a few of this star-studded cast include Arnold Schwarzeneger as Baron von Steuben, Sylvester Stallone as Paul Revere and Billy Crystal as John Adams. I found aYou Tube preview here. Originally broadcast in 2002, this series is enjoyed by school aged kids (and a few parents and teachers!)
Loquat Rooftop: Randy Kaplan brings a twangy, southern feel to several classic songs (including Tomorrow, which I played again and again, reliving Annie dreams, and Charlie Brown) and lots of originals (No Nothing was a huge favorite in our car and has been referred to and resung often.) With a mix of folk and alternative, and a little bit of pop (“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow…”) this is a CD I’m certain will be played for quite some time. Buy it or download the album.
Re-released today from its 1961 debut, Misty is the story based on the Newbery Honor Award-winning novel, “Misty of Chincoteague” by Marguerite Henry. A story of adventure and horses(!), this movie celebrates freedom, nature, family and friendship. Should be on every horse-lover’s list this winter.
Also re-released today, Sounder tells the story of an African-American share cropping family. When Nathan Lee Morgan is found stealing food to support his family, he is arrested and his wife and children are left to suffer through poverty and prejudice in the deep south. An excellent historical fiction story, the focus revolves around the young son, his dog, and the family’s strength through misfortune.

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