This was a tough assignment. MWS writers are pretty fortunate. We get to review products we love, and readers can usually tell just how much we love them. So when I was asked to list my top ten reviews for 2006, I stuttered. I paused. I procrastinated. My top 10?! How can I do that? That’s like asking me which is my favorite movie of all time. Or who my best friend is. Or, yikes!, which child I like better (yes… for all of these, I can’t pick just one.)
In no particular order…

Abbie New York A recent review, I’ve been carrying this bag since October. Its held up perfectly (I’m definitely not easy on my bags… at all.) The shoulder pad makes it so easy to carry. This laptop bag has gotten me through New York City, trade shows, shopping bazaars, vacations, and, yes, coffee shops. All with compliments.
JuJuBe Packabe In a year that filled my closet, I’m selecting the Packabe as my favorite diaperbag. While I’m not currently carrying it, it is still a go-to when we have somewhere to go and I’ll be packing a lot. I love the funky, bright print, the backpack style that helped my back immensly, the organization, and the material used (including the teflon coating). Sure, I got stuck to a few metal walls. But it was totally worth it to have everything I needed inside, and look cute wearing it.
Swee’Pea Posters Probably the most innovative and valuable product I reviewed this year, Swee’Pea Posters will immortalize my children’s artwork. I can’t wait to fill our walls with the museum-quality posters that this mother will truly love.
Fairy Tale Jewels No, my boys don’t wear them, but they sure would if they had to wear a dress. The intricate design, the beauty, the style of Fairy Tale Jewels’ jewelry would make any little girl see herself as a princess. Again and again I admire “my” Pineapple Punch Bracelet, only wishing it would grow an inch and fit on me. Someday, shall I have a little princess, she’ll be primped in it. I’ll even bring it to the hospital with me.
Automoblox I’ve heard I may have started a craze with this review, and I’m proud to say we have 4 of our own Automoblox. Wesley couldn’t have been happier when he opened his first car this Christmas. It was his very own Automoblox. And, with 4 in our house, they have enough to share and build their own cars, together. Still can’t get over the creativity, as well as Automoblox’s brilliant webpage.
Pediped Since beginning writing for MWS, I’ve done a lot of research. And one area where I consider myself to have become a semi-expert is baby shoes: when to wear, what to wear, why to wear and how. Pediped’s were the first baby soft-soled shoes I fell in love with, and so did my husband. I’m hoping to bronze Wesley’s sandals. They’re that special. Plus, its hard not to flaunt that my guy is wearing the same sandals as mega-celeb babies like Hazel and Phinnaeus.
LIVESTRONG An item that truly represents the heart inside of you, while bringing a mod look to your home, I just love my LIVESTRONG platter. With a portion of the proceeds benefitting the LIVESTRONG Foundation, the vibrant color brings sunshine to the dining room; its a feel good, look good piece.
Smart-ass Jealousy. Pure jealousy of Ciaran’s ability to review everything I’m dying to review. I’ve been wanting to get a pair of Smart-ass thongs for as long as we’ve been writing MWS reviews. And Ciaran got them and reviewed them. Lucky gal! These are just the coolest little panties ever! Totally fun, totally me. They’re being gifted to my sisters next year for their birthdays. Kick a– gifts.
PottetteWhere would I be without a Pottette? In a pile of you-know-what. Often. This is one of the greatest inventions–right up there with the actual potty. Suggestion to everyone: keep one in each car and several extra bags on-hand–at all times. When potty training, and after, you don’t want to be without a Pottette. The first time we used it was at the horse races a few months ago. I was so relieved not to have to race up to the Port-o-potties about 3 football fields away. Since then, I’ve pulled it out at countless pools and parks. Even used it in the trunk of my car at the post office–as Orphan Annie told Daddy Warbucks, “when you gotta go, you gotta go.”
DadGear BackPack I’d be remiss if I didn’t include my husband’s top review. He finally understood the “thing” I have for diaper bags when I received a sample DadGear Back Pack. Since that moment, he always reaches for “his bag.” Especially great on vacations or for days at the pool with the whole family, this bag was wonderful because I didn’t have to carry it–it was made for him, and fit him. Not me. Him.
And since I’m just the most indecisive, my runners up:
Skip Hop Duo Double
Happy Pouch
Looking ahead at my list of upcoming reviews, I may break the rules and write a “Top 20” next year. Stay tuned, keep shopping and Happy New Year!

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