I’m sure you remember how I raved about my husband’s favorite diaper bag: The Backpack by DadGear. I even reminded you of it when it made my Top 10 review list of 2006. The clever guys and girls at DadGear have since introduced a line made just for women, DaisyGear and they’re using all of their creative, and patent pending, touches that are on the DadGear line, and placed them strategically into new bags.
For example, my husband’s beloved wipes distributor. He always loved the way that the wipes were kept fresh and popped right out in their own special section. DaisyGear’s Sport includes this, but its in a useful spot for moms—right under the messenger flap. Next to the wipes case are 2 pockets, ideal for holding bottles, sippy cups or creams—easy access. On the sides are neoprene pockets–ideal for storing your cell or keys.
Inside the Daisy Gear Sport you’ll find 2 diapers and wipes-sized pockets and a zippered pocket. Along with ample room for packing. As well, in the back there is a zippered compartment that holds a lightweight, flexible (as in I can fold this up pretty small) changing pad that can be tossed in the washer.
Just as DadGear created its bags specifically to work on a Dad’s body, DaisyGear bags are smaller, with a shape that makes reaching and grabbing easier for a women’s body.
And, just to prove this bag is truly made for women, this bag has a feature I’ve never seen in other bags: removable, reversible flap. Attached by a zipper, the flap is has a different color and fabric-style on each side: to suit your mood and style, you can flip it in seconds. Or, to make life easy when you are hanging the bag from your stroller handles, you can unzip the lid and leave it in the car, stroller basket or fold it up and place it inside the bag. A tote! Speaking of, the bag attaches to the stroller with straps to the stroller. An easy clip and go is all it takes.
Through May 15, save 15% with code MWS15 at when shopping at DaisyGear.

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