SafetyTats.pngWe had to stay on our toes on a recent vacation to Florida. After all, we were traveling with 7 children and 8 adults! Since we were such a large group, concerns about losing the younger children at the airport, pool and beach were the topics of conversation on our way to the airport. I had read a review about SafetyTats from back in July and decided to try them out! We used the Quick Stick Write-Ons which are extremely durable skin safe tattoo style appliques that will help should your child ever get lost. The sticker is waterproof, but requires no water to apply and will last up to two weeks or until you would like to remove it. We had the Tats on the kids for 6 days and they showed no signs of wear and tear. They were so excited to put them on when I told them they were tattoos and explained why they were wearing them. We simply peeled them off and stuck them on our kid’s arms immediately and then wrote our cell phone number on each one. They made us feel more secure should the “just in case” happen while we were away. The Quick Stick Write-Ons are shipped blank so you can write your own information on them with the included waterproof tattoo marking pen. SafetyTats do carry other styles as well including Original SafetyTats for Medical, Allergy, Special Needs, and a host of others, which come pre-printed with your information. They stay on from 1-5 days and require water to be applied.
SafetyTats can be a real life saver! We were really “wowed” by them! Use code “mommieswithstyle” at checkout to receive 15% off of your order until February 2, 2009.

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