Ok, so perhaps since having kids, I’ve let my membership in the mile high club lapse. I’m not as spontaneous as I once was. I can blame the kids, but now I can’t blame the condoms. As a mom I take my duty to always “be prepared” very seriously. I carry just about everything in my oversize purse/diaper bag/mobile-home-with-a-shoulder-strap. Except a condom. But recently, that has changed.
Because my new favorite purse accessory is a super-chic little compact from “Just in Case” with a secret hidden compartment that stores your condoms discreetly and fashionably, always at the ready. Yes it’s very “Sex and the City”. In a good way.
I’m going to recommend this product to you even if you do not presently use condoms. Because it is also a far more fashionable way to carry your prenatal vitamins, your emergency allergy meds, your spare pair of swarovski encrusted ipod earphones… You get the picture. Anything that you’d hate to be caught out without, so you toss it in there in a little Ziploc baggie. Ugh. Lose the baggie! You’re too young for a plastic pill case. Just in Case to the Rescue!
The motto of the company is “Love Well, Love Wisely”. Mommies with style can also Shop Well and Shop Wisely when they use the code LOVEWELL at checkout. That’s 10% off for you, you sexy mama!

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