As if we needed one more adorable shoe line to tempt us for our kids! Vincent Shoes has launched literally just this week. It’s a European-based company that just opened for online sale in the US this week and they should be checked out. Their shoes are different – stylish and fun. They have a great fall line.
My favorites are the Alfons and the Andy’s for boys, or the Betty’s for a girl – check them out. And I love the Kasper snow boots!
Use coupon code MWS-SEP-06 for 20% off, the code will expire one month from the post date of this review. Shop their fall collection and what’s cool about their search function is you can search by gender and size – which I highly recommend as it brings up everything appropriate for your kid(s).


  1. Cute shoes, but they don't have a secure line to order with a credit card.

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