Polly Pocket and her friends Lila, Shani, Lea and Crissy can’t wait to begin the most spectacular adventure ever! Polly Pocket is an optimist who regularly puts the needs and feelings of others before herself, so when she and her friends are invited to spend the weekend in the “PollyWorld” theme park and compete in a reality show called “Roll Like That,” it seems like the perfect opportunity to have a great time while demonstrating just how effective teamwork can be. Teams will participate in numerous challenges that test their agility, teamwork, problem-solving skills and endurance. Polly and the Pockets will even get to rock out on live television in the final challenge. Thrilling rides, exotic attractions, cool contests, delicious treats, amazing fireworks, music and shopping await them. But that’s not all … Polly’s dad has the biggest surprise … he is getting married and has brought his new fiancé, Lorelai for the weekend to meet his daughter. Polly’s stepmom-to-be seems cool enough, until the girls discover her evil plot.
PollyWorld also includes some neat bonus features. Included are 4 games with different levels, downloadable wallpaper, coloring pages and printable activities such as connect-the-dots and a Rockin “Rock This Town” music video. Your child can even be the editor of their own Polly Pocket fashion magazine by picking out the latest hot clothes and accessories for Polly and the Pockets!
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