piper.jpgMove over Samantha and Molly, there’s a new kid in town. She’s pretty, she’s smart and she’s even web savvy. She’s the newcomer from the Karito kids doll line– a blond surfer girl from Australia, named Piper. She’s just beautifully made, with incredibly high quality craftsmanship and a kind expression. She has won the hearts of both me and my daughters.
Piper joins pals Gia from Italy, Pita from Mexico, Lulu from Africa, Zoe from the USA and Ling from China. The six girls make up the Karito Kids collection. What an exciting group! Each doll comes with a storybook and a passport. The passport is a good thing – these dolls are so gorgeous (truly heirloom quality) that your daughter is not going to want to go anywhere without her. The stories are inspired as well. The mysteries and adventures are a fun way to give your girl a little peek at what life is like for kids like her in other places.
But perhaps what is most unique about these dolls and their beautiful website is that a portion of the proceeds for each doll sold goes to charity. Not just any charity though – Karito kids gets your child involved in the process, allowing her to choose the charity that she’d most like to support. My daughters really thought long and hard before choosing and took the time to learn about all the children’s charities that this wonderful manufacturer supports.
Karito Kids also host an online forum where you can further explore the world of your doll, play games with other kids, learn more about kids in other parts of the world and learn about ways to make a difference and improve the world for kids everywhere.
Karito kids dolls are special because they aim to teach kids respect for the world we live in, and to expand their horizons to embrace foreign lands and foreign cultures. However… This did not stop my daughter’s from making the observation that their “other” 18 inch dolls were very jealous of Piper. She’s just a little taller, more international, intriguing and in the words of an 8 yr old, “cooler”. It was a bit of a problem see, cause now everyone wants to play with and hang out with Piper and the other girls are jealous.
Check out the Karito Kids website to learn most about the dolls, to order and to find a retailer near you. Piper has already influenced Gia to move in with us as well. From the frequent requests for more Karito company (“Piper wants to have a sleepover with Ling and Lulu, Mommy!” ) I have a feeling we may be seeing some more of her friends this holiday season.


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