Save yourself from going insane and needing a lobotome later in life with the products from LobotoME. (I know, that was bad, just stay with me here.)
LobotoME makes products to help you stay organized. They offer two weekly planners (one for Moms, one more generic), a “Save Me” pad (to do list), a “Feed Me” pad (Meal Planning 101), “Help Me” (Honey To Do list) and a Pack Me (On the Road Again) pad.
They’ve thought of just about everything. For example, on the Pack Me note pad, they provide you with a handy check list to make sure you don’t forget anything. And the Help Me/Honey To Do List is great and gives a little section for today, tomorrow and someday items that hubby needs to get moving on.
We could all use a little more organization and a little less insanity in our lives. You know it.

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