I never really understood the point of a nursing necklace – maybe because until now I had never nursed a baby that was pulling and yanking everything within his reach. So I recently got one of these necklaces from BabyBeadz and am happy to report that when I’m wearing the necklace, my hair is no longer the yanking-material of choice.
These necklaces are made of plastic beads – it’s not a glamourous necklace to be sure, but it has a purpose and it’s cute and fun for a nursing baby. I was concerned with the whole choke/safety issue and this is what the owner of BabyBeadz had to say:
I wouldn’t let him play with it unsupervised, but they are very sturdy. I give each one a good hard tug after putting on the clasp to make sure it’s not going anywhere. I use “spectra” parachute cord which is supposed to be stronger than stainless steel and is very difficult to break or even to cut with scissors.
You can check out the nursing necklaces available from BabyBeadz on their Etsy storefront. The necklaces are $18 each.

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