Here’s a little anecdote that says it all about the difference between a first time Mom and a second time Mom: with Nate (my first son), I was compulsive about the cleanliness of his binky. It always sat in a bag or ziploc in my diaper bag, and anytime I was out, I’d wash it obsessively to make sure it was germ free. If it fell on the ground and I only had one with me, forget it, he’d have to cry until we got home or until I found a sink to wash it in.
The other day, I realized how much I had changed. Cole (the baby) started crying. I went to reach into my diaper bag, where I knew I had just randomly tossed in a binky right before leaving the house. Of course it had found it’s way to the bottom of the bag. I fished it out from the bottom of the bag, where all sorts of crumbs and unidentified objects reside.
So what did I do? Brushed it on the side of my jeans and shoved it into Cole’s mouth. And to be honest, I didn’t even really think about it as I merrily went along my way with a subdued and pacified baby. Oh, how times have changed. As a second time Mom, your standards lower – simply because you don’t have the time to be any other way.
Of course, I later realized that I didn’t have to give my poor baby a dirty binky, if I had actually been using the JJ Cole Pacifier Pod that we have. (Which is now been placed in my diaper bag, holding a clean pacifier.)
The Pacifier Pod is a cute and affordable little accessory that you can tuck away in your bag to keep your child’s pacifier clean. It has a little strap/handle that you can even velcro to the outside of your bag for easy access. Heck, you can velcro it to your belt loop if you’d like it that close to you…
You can find them at Babies R Us, but you can also get them online at Chit Chat Baby for 10% off. Use coupon code “travelpod” to receive 10% off.

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