So we took Nate skiing for the first time last weekend. Hubby’s an expert skier; he’s been all over the place to ski from Whistler to Taos to skiing all over Europe. My skills can get me down the mountain most of the time. (I almost divorced hubby when we got to the top of a blue in Tahoe and he hadn’t told me that a blue on the east coast is a little bit different on the west coast. But I survived, and had fun doing it.)
Given the enjoyment we both get out of skiing, we’ve always known we’d take our boys as soon as we could. Last year it wasn’t happening with a newborn, but this year the grandparents watched Cole while we headed an hour away to take Nate to an intro mountain here in PA. We had a blast. I was nervous beforehand about how he’d do but he did great and we can’t wait to go again.
All that said, when I went to open up (and dust off) our “ski stuff” box, I realized everyone was in need of some gear. I ran over to Sears to check out the Lands End winter gear and what you can’t see in this photo is that I ended up with an awesome fleece that’s underneath my ski jacket that kept me more than warm that day. And had I gone (or ordered) sooner, I could have saved myself some serious money because they also sell ski/snow pants for kids that are affordable.
Also, Lands End does a “temperature rating” on each of their cold weather items – from warm to warmer to warmest. (I was kind of amazed to see some of the “warm” items – which seemed lighter than I would wear in the kind of temp they listed but they obviously know what they are doing.) It’s helpful because you can pick an item based on your climate off this chart.
Lands End has easy access too since they sell in Sears, if you have one near you. I’m seeing spring produout all over the place but it’s still January, people, and it’s cold!

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