So you don’t have to use a plastic grocery bag anymore to hold all those wet goodies that need storing, you can use the Zippered Wet Bag from MiniMe BabyGear. Pick from an assortment of cute patterned bags; the inside is lined with a waterproof fabric.
Personally, I think this bag is great for the summer – we’d always be getting ready to leave the pool and I’d never have a spot to put Nate’s wet bathing suit. Other uses for the bag: dirty diapers when a trash can isn’t handy or wet clothes. Order it in one of three sizes based on your needs. I think this is a great little product – we spend so much time and money on diaper bags, why ruin the inside with wet items!
Order the bag from MiniMe Baby Gear. Use coupon code MINIME for 10% off, and there’s
free shipping over on orders over $100 (US only).

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