I first discovered Kickboard’s 3-wheeled scooters a few years ago and have been a huge fan ever since. From camping trips to neighborhood walks, park playdates to burning off some pre-dinner energy, Kickboard scooters are sturdy, durable, and tons of fun.

Mini 3-in-1: The newest addition to the Kickboard collection, the Mini 3-in-1 is suited for kids 12 month up to 5 years. It transforms from a sit-on scooter to a mini scooter with an O-bar, to Mini Micro with a T-bar. One scooter that will fit your kid for 4 years! What other kid gear will last you that long? ($115)

Mini Micro: Geared for ages 3-5 years old, the Mini Micro Kickboard scooter is lightweight (just 3.3 lbs), sturdy (the three-wheel design keeps your kids steady), and available in nine colors. We have one for my 2-year-old, and he flies up and down the street. And none of my kids – knock on wood – has had a major bail on them. If the handlebar folded flat for easy storage and traveling, I might just name my next child after them. ($85)

Maxi: Older kids will love the Maxi Kickboard, suitable for kids 6-10 years and up to 120 lbs. The Maxi kick offers a larger, slightly heavier base (5 lbs), an adjustable handlebar (24″-36″), and comes with either a T-bar or pilot stick. The pilot stick is geared for kids who want to use the kickboard more as a skateboard than a scooter. I’ve always liked the T-bar (provides the option for more support), but nevertheless, I see my kids get going on the Maxi Kickboard and then take their hands completely off the handles to balance as it zooms down the sidewalk. Gulp. This makes me extra glad that Kickboards have excellent construction and a sturdy footpad and brake. ($135)

My kids have put these scooters through some serious testing, and here’s what I’ve come away with.

Kickboard scooters are durable. My kids jump on them, flip them onto the grass, sit on them at the corner (waiting for me to catch up) and generally act like boys on them. And they are still in one piece. Our oldest one is a 4-year-old Mini Micro that looks well-loved but still rides like a dream. Plus Kickboard sells replacement pieces so on the off chance something breaks, bends or wears out, you can just replace the part.

Kickboard scooters are steady. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen get scraped knees, broken wrists and bloody noses from 2-wheeled scooters. With Kickboard’s 3-wheel design, kids can lean into turns, carve the sidewalk and stay upright while going fast, being a kid and having fun.

Visit www.kickboardusa.com to see all the options and order yours in time for the holidays. It is a gift that will not disappoint. Plus, the first 25 MWS readers to make a purchase on the site can get a free Kickboard long sleeve! Visit the Accessories link, add the color and size shirt you want, and then  enter the code “FREEKICKTEE” at checkout. Also check out this handy map that shows you when you need to order by in order to get your Kickboard in time. Happy shopping!


Kate Bayless is a writer, editor and reviewer based in Southern California. Visit her on LinkedIn, Twitter or Contently. Thanks to Kickboard USA for sending a sample.


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